The insulation that thinks it is a brick


If thermal bridges are not properly addressed,
they simply become responsible for a greater proportion
of the overall heat loss from a building.

65-140 mm
450x100-215 mm
200 kg/m³
Compressive strength
≥ 2.75 MPa
λ value
≤ 0.058 W/(m·K)


- Floor-wall base element 
- Parapet walls
- Internal partitional walls
- Below window- and door sills

An insulation that thinks it is a brick ?

FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL HL is manufactured from cellular glass which can support an extremely high compressive load without any deflection or movement. Due to the density of the closed cellular glass cell structure, it provides a structural thermal insulation solution. There is no need for any additional stiffening or mortar re-enforcement. The FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL HL will have adequate durability and a life equal to that of the wall in which it is installed.

Learn more about it in our thermal bridging training video!

Product type PERINSUL

Thermal bridges (or cold bridges) can be responsible for up to 20% of the heat loss from a building. Ensuring continuity of the building’s thermal envelope is critical to eliminating ‘cold spots’, which are possible sources of condensation, damp and mould growth.

FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL acts as a thermal break at junction details and other thermal bridges, maintaining continuity of insulation. The elements have a high load-bearing capacity, are dimensionally stable, and contribute to damp proofing measures due to being completely watertight.


Capable of bearing the structural loads of a three storey building, FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL HL is laid in a mortar bed and eliminates thermal bridging at junction details. It is a unique load-bearing insulation element, and has been tested in accordance with Eurocode 6 specifically to bear loads imposed by structural masonry.

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