Insulation for under window & door sills


Doors and windows form part of a building’s thermal envelope. Positioning them within their openings to achieve continuity of insulation can be a detailing challenge, making it more likely that the edges of the opening act as a thermal bridge - particularly at ground level below a door or full-height window.


Where doors and windows do not line up with surrounding wall insulation, masonry can allow heat energy to bypass the thermal envelope. Providing sufficient insulation where a floor screed or slab meets a door or window cill is difficult - especially where level access requirements through a doorway mean there is no step into the building. As a load-bearing insulation element, PERINSUL HL is the perfect solution to the thermal bridge.

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      system characteristics

      • Proven concept: ‘time-tested’ thermal performance, so declared thermal conductivity remains the same for the life of the building.
      • Energy efficiency: provides a thermal break between the wall and foundation, maintaining continuity of the ground floor insulation.
      • Load-bearing: “insulation that thinks it’s a brick” can be coursed in with existing masonry at the right level to suit the floor insulation.
      • Healthy living: consistent, comfortable surface temperature across the whole wall surface, removing cold spots and reducing risk of surface condensation and mould growth.


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      under window and door sills

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