Does FOAMGLAS® PERINSUL HL have a BBA certificate?

thermal bridging solution and load-bearing element

BBA certification

A thermal bridging solution’s BBA certificate verifies the product’s technical performance and offers supplementary technical guidance.

Like many construction products, thermal bridging solutions hold independent third-party certification such as a BBA certificate. The aim of such certification is to verify the product’s technical performance, offer supplementary advice on regulatory compliance and installation, and demonstrate fitness for purpose.

Product verification can also be obtained under European technical regulations. Where a product type is unique and no harmonised European standard currently exists, a European Technical Assessment (ETA) can be granted following verification against a European Assessment Document (EAD).

PERINSUL HL insulation, manufactured by Owens Corning FOAMGLAS®, has a BBA certificate. The certificate number is 14/5111. As a load-bearing product made from cellular glass insulation, it has also received a European Technical Assessment, and the CE Mark has been affixed accordingly. Find out more, or email contact us for further advice.