Insulation for parapet walls


The junction of an external wall and flat roof is a difficult part of a building to design well. Continuing the wall above roof level to create an upstand also creates a thermal bridge, that was very difficult to detail before the development of PERINSUL HL insulation for parapet walls.


PERINSUL HL courses in with a masonry external wall at the level of the flat roof insulation, creating a connection with the wall insulation and eliminating the thermal bridge. The product is laid in mortar just like masonry, meaning no change in construction method or delay to the progress of work.

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    system characteristics

    • Proven concept: PERINSUL HL performs for the life of the building. Excellent dimensional stability means it does not degrade or shrink in situ.
    • Energy efficiency: significantly reduces heat loss through a hard-to-insulate thermal bridge.
    • Watertight: closed cell properties of cellular glass can be particularly beneficial when planning and detailing retrofit solutions.
    • Load-bearing: higher compressive strength than all other common insulation materials.
    • Healthy living: improves occupant comfort and removes the risk of surface condensation and mould growth.



    How to install PERINSUL HL

    in parapets

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