Insulation for internal partition walls


A load-bearing partition wall bridges the ground floor insulation and provides a path for heat energy to bypass the insulation layer. Using PERINSUL HL as a thermal break for internal partition walls eliminates the thermal bridge and reduces heat loss into the ground.


PERINSUL HL courses in with a brick or block masonry partition to connect the ground floor insulation either side and eliminate the thermal bridge caused by the wall. The cellular glass insulation is laid in mortar just like masonry, meaning no change in construction method or delay to the progress of work.

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    Steel frame

    Where a building design requires a load-bearing steel framed internal partition wall, the partition is constructed off a concrete slab or below-ground masonry support wall with its own foundation. To avoid a thermal bridge in the ground floor insulation, use PERINSUL HL to maintain continuity of the thermal envelope and give a sound base on which to construct the partition wall.

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      Timber frame

      The base of a load-bearing timber internal partition sits above the level of the ground floor insulation, supported by masonry on its own foundation. The below-ground masonry acts as thermal bridge, disrupting the continuity of the ground floor insulation. PERINSUL HL maintains that continuity, and gives a sound base on which to construct the partition wall.

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        system characteristics

        • Proven concept: PERINSUL HL performs for the life of the building. Excellent dimensional stability means it does not degrade or shrink in situ.
        • Energy efficiency: significantly reduces heat loss through a hard-to-insulate thermal bridge.
        • Watertight: closed cell properties of cellular glass can be particularly beneficial when planning and detailing retrofit solutions.
        • Load-bearing: higher compressive strength than all other common insulation materials.
        • Healthy living: improves occupant comfort and removes the risk of surface condensation and mould growth.



        how to install perinsul hl

        at the base of internal partition walls

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