Insulation for base & perimeter walls


Made from cellular glass, PERINSUL HL is the perfect insulation for the base of external and perimeter walls. It eliminates the thermal bridge between ground floor and external wall insulation, while supporting the structural loads of buildings up to two story’s in height, without moving or flexing.


Whether a solid wall construction or the inner leaf of a cavity wall construction, the load-bearing masonry has to continue all the way to foundation level. PERINSUL HL solves the problem of a break in the continuity of the thermal envelope by replacing a section of the less-thermally efficient masonry. The cellular glass insulation is laid in mortar, just like masonry, without delay to the construction.

Steel frame

Due to their high thermal conductivity, steel framed walls have to be detailed carefully to avoid excessive heat loss. PERINSUL HL provides a strong base on which to construct a steel frame, and also connects the ground floor insulation with the sheathing insulation fixed to the outer face of the frame. The whole frame is enclosed within the thermal envelope, improving overall energy efficiency.


Timber frame

The base plate of a timber framed wall sits above the level of the ground floor insulation, on a masonry support structure. The support structure acts as thermal bridge, increasing heat loss at the floor/wall junction. Made from cellular glass, PERINSUL HL supports the structural load of the timber frame while providing a link with the ground floor insulation to maintain continuity.

Product Data Sheets

      system characteristics

      • Proven concept: PERINSUL HL comes with a full suite of accredited details and product approvals, including a European Technical Assessment and BBA certificate
      • Energy efficiency: solves the problem of a common, hard-to-insulate linear thermal bridge
      • Watertight: used in existing walls as part of a planned retrofit, can help to manage moisture movement as cellular glass does not support capillary action
      • Load-bearing: can bear the load of up to two storeys above it
      • Healthy living: eliminating ‘cold spots’ at the base of external walls removes risk of surface condensation and avoids potential mould growth
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