the load bearing thermal break solution - PERINSUL HL

PERINSUL HL is a thermal bridging solution from FOAMGLAS®, combining thermal performance and compressive strength in one cellular glass insulation product. It solves the problem of heat loss in hard-to-insulate structural details, improving the energy efficiency of buildings and reducing the risk of condensation and mould growth.

High levels of thermal insulation are specified as standard in buildings today. Insulation is most effective when it is continuous across the building fabric - from the floor, to the walls to the roof.

A thermal bridge is any break in the continuity of insulation. The better insulated the rest of the building, the greater the proportion of heat lost through thermal bridges.

Many thermal bridges can be avoided through good design and workmanship. Some, however, are unavoidable because of their structural function. Most insulation materials cannot bear the imposed loads, so these bridges remain a source of excess heat loss.

PERINSUL HL is a cellular glass insulation product with superior load-bearing capability. It helps to achieve continuity of insulation in structural details that otherwise pose a risk of condensation and mould growth. As a closed cell material, it also resists the passage of moisture and vapour into the building structure.


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